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Tennis Birthday Parties

New innovative birthday party idea from The American Tennis League – You provide the facility, we provide the equipment and the coaching for an exciting, action-packed birthday party for children of all ages.

Our coaches will give your children an introduction to tennis by teaching them the fundamentals of playing the game. Kids will have fun running drills, hitting the tennis ball and taking part in our interactive tennis activities. Contact ATL for more information –

American Tennis League Play Days

Introduce your kids to the fun of competition!

Join ATC’s Play Days and get your child kids playing tennis today…

Play Days are events hosted by the American Tennis Club designed to introduce kids to competition in a low-pressure setting where results are not documented. Our events provide kids with the opportunity to continue to develop and enhance their skills. Tennis teaches kids honesty and integrity through the unique scoring system of having to make their own judgments and line calls.
From beginners to more experienced players, a Play Day is a welcoming way for kids to experience the social and competitive aspects of tennis. Organized by age and skill level. kids have the chance to gain additional play experience by rotation of opponents in short, continuous matches over a two-three hour period. Play Days promote a sense of achievement through a fun and spirited atmosphere.